Picture a person standing firmly in place, not wavering or budging an inch, and you’ll have a good sense of the meaning of steadfast. Someone can be steadfast in a belief, an effort, a plan, or even a refusal. My husband Charlie grew up with Dobermans, and in 1992 we welcomed our first Doberman. Having come from a show and breeding background (horses and collies), it was only natural that I eventually wanted to get back involved – this time with Dobermans and the resolve to handle them myself.  Because of that, it was not an easy task to find a show quality bitch with the pedigree that I wanted. It was almost three years in the making and in 2003 I purchased my foundation bitch from Colleen Nicholson, an icon in the Doberman world.  Laney went on to become Ch. Kelview’s Delaney v. Nova, NA, and is the cornerstone of Stedfast Dobermans.

In my breeding program, I am committed to carrying forward a carefully selected bloodline based on the best dogs in the breed, possessing beauty, versatility, and character.  Stedfast Dobermans has produced AKC champion dogs as well as dogs that have earned obedience and agility titles -- all are beloved companions.  Our Dobermans are temperament tested and are health screened OFA hip, heart, and thyroid, with the goal of healthy longevity.

Stedfast Dobermans – striving to breed conformation, performance, and companion Dobermans that are healthy and happy puppies with sound temperaments. That being one of my goals, I stay active and current in training, on genetics, and animal husbandry.  It has become a lifetime of continuing education, and we are steadfast in our commitment to learning and making informed decisions in the breeding program.  Our desire is to educate ourselves and others, in an effort to ensure that this noble breed will continue to flourish.

A successful breeding program should be grounded in the history of the breed as well as informed by the science of the day. We are committed to breeding Dobermans with consideration for temperament and health as well as conformation to the standard for this wonderful breed – steadfast in our determination to produce dogs with elegance & substance, dogs with a mind to match the body.